Jessica Lange: Plastic Surgery?

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Has Jessica Lange had plastic surgery? She won an Emmy for her role in HBO’s Grey Gardens last night, but the talk today is more about her startlingly young new look and less about her acting ability. A rep for Jessica Lange says this 58-year-old actress has most certainly NOT had plastic surgery, but . . . well, what do YOU think? And does it even matter? I, for one, have no problem with going under the knife. But why lie about it?

Curiously, back when she was my age, she can be quoted as saying: “I don’t want to knock a woman for getting work done. I’m 35, and in about 15 years I will be getting a face lift despite my husband’s objections . . . To me it is a personal decision and it’s not a personal failing if you decide to get surgery and/or botox or restylane. You shouldn’t go overboard with it, and it’s a fine line between having an operation or two and looking like you’re wearing a kabuki mask.” Well isn’t that the truth.

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