Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow: Are They Going Home?

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Several police departments are being flooded with tips about sightings of Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow, believed to be responsible for traumatic injuries to Linscott’s 3-year-old son, James. The boy was covered in bruises, with burns to his wrists and fingers and a brain injury that nearly left him blind. Then he was abandoned at Exeter Hospital, with his mother and her boyfriend fleeing, after claiming his injuries were self-inflicted. How exactly does a 3-year-old do that kind of damage to himself? If this wasn’t outright child abuse, it would have to be the most heinous instance of neglect ever seen.

Linscott is currently facing 6 counts of child endangerment for not seeking immediate medical attention for little James. Dow is charged with 5 counts of child endangerment, but also first- and second-degree assault, apparently from causing these injuries to the boy. So, if found guilty, not only will neither of these two have the boy in their custody, like, ever again, they will likely sit a good healthy sentence in a New Hampshire penitentiary. Would it be true that, because they crossed a state line while fleeing, this is now a federal crime? Possibly, since U.S. Marshalls are on the hunt, as well.

A case of mistaken identity in Beverly, Massachusetts, on Saturday did lead to the arrest of another individual on a completely unrelated matter, but the Plaistow, New Hampshire, couple was not located in the area. The person who gave the tip to Beverly police was mistaken, and the police were 100% in the right to act on the tip, just as they would any other tip, hoping to be led to known fugitives.

Several tips have placed Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow in the North Shore area, but many tips have been coming in from Plaistow, where the couple is from. Is it possible that they’ve returned home? According to the most recently released wanted sheet, the U.S. Marshalls believe they are, in fact, headed in that direction, with their destination actually being Maine.

If you happen to be on the way between these two places, keep your eyes open. If you happen to see them, contact authorities immediately.

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