Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow Caught in Florida

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Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow were captured in Florida today, and the images you see are the updated photos of the two following their Wednesday arrest. This brings an end to a high profile manhunt that has lasted for two weeks. It also explains why the silence in the media since their last reported sighting in Salisbury. However, the location in which they were apprehended indicates that the couple weren’t in Massachusetts for long, and were likely never intending on returning to New Hampshire.

Roland Dow and Jessica Linscott

The two child abuse fugitives were arrested at Universal Studios, Florida. So while they were avoiding police at all costs for two weeks, while Linscott’s son battled life threatening abuse injuries, they were yukking it up at an amusement park? That’s pretty low, regardless of who is actually responsible for the child abuse. It should be noted that in these allegedly “updated” photos of the two, Jessica is smirking. Why?

It looks like there will finally be some answers to the many questions stemming from the abuse of Jessica Linscott’s son James. Did Roland Dow beat on the boy and burn him with cigarettes or did Jessica Linscott do this? Are both of them equally to blame for the horrific torture this child evidently experienced?

Officials have pointed out that any friends or family members that may have helped this fugitive couple evade justice could face charges — and that’s good, because it takes a real piece of work to harbor criminals who are facing charges related to what happened to that poor little child.

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