Jessica Linscott Update: Roland Dow’s Uncle Speaks Out

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Could Jessica Linscott be the one who abused three-year-old James Nicholson? Someone claiming to be the uncle of Roland Dow commented on this Gather News article and what he had to say painted a totally different picture of the young man from what the media and mass public have seen. That’s not the only new update in this nationally high profile case; A timeline has been released that documents the events of this fugitive manhunt.

The search for these two fugitives has lasted now for nearly two weeks, beginning on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 when Linscott and Dow dropped off baby James at Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire. As this source shares, the doctors quickly discovered that James Nicholson suffered from traumatic brain injuries and burned arms. He was bruised, blinded and was suffering from seizures. The timeline being shared by the above-cited source documents the failure of the justice system in New Hampshire; The two weren’t arrested immediately but instead were given the opportunity to “turn themselves in.” You’ve seen where that went.

As for the man claiming to be the uncle of Roland Dow, he said the following:

The police want him for questioning and have charged him without giving specific information of why. This unclear detailed charge leads the press to speculate. I wont speculate. I in no way am happy with a child being hurt by anyone. I know of Roland as a nice level headed kid. He has a child himself and i have seen him nothing but very protective of her.

At the least, it sounds like Roland Dow has supportive family members who love him — and the revelation that he also has a daughter, who (from what the uncle claims) has never been abused by the man. Does this mean Jessica Linscott could be the one responsible for the abuse? There are just so many questions to ask in this case, and he is right, the public and the press just don’t know. What is known, however, is that this little boy is horrifically damaged because of whatever it was that happened to him, and someone is responsible for that. Someone has to pay for that. Period.

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