Jessica Ridgeway: Did Austin Sigg Plant Wooden Cross As a Game?

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Accused of killing and dismembering Jessica Ridgeway, Austin Sigg (also reported as Austin Siggs) is charged with first-degree murder. However, there are some details that police haven’t released to the media, such as whether or not certain pieces of evidence are connected to this case, or if they belong to the accused child murderer. The 17-year-old boy is reportedly “obsessed” and “fascinated” by crime scene forensics, which would indicate the game of “cat and mouse” he may have been playing with investigators.

Austin Sigg allegedly confessed to his mother and she called the police, urging him to turn himself in. This bit of news makes one wonder if perhaps the mother noticed him acting differently. Or better yet, maybe some of the evidence in this case pointed to the alleged killer, leading her to confronting him. His reported obsession with crime scene investigation and forensics also draws some concern. Could some of the evidence left behind in the murder of Jessica Ridgeway be the products of this fascination?

It can be speculated that Austin Sigg may have allegedly planted the wooden cross, as well as the backpack and water bottle belonging to Jessica. Did he keep the socks as souvenirs? There are also reports that not all of Jessica’s body parts were located. Does he know where they are?

Did Austin Sigg’s fascination with crime scene forensics lead him to play a game with investigators that began with taking the life of a 10-year-old girl? Could his obsession with death be what drove him to these crimes? Was the 17-year-old who confessed to killing the Colorado girl enjoying himself?

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