Jessica Ridgeway Was Sexually Assaulted by Killer

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Slain Colorado child Jessica Ridgeway was reportedly sexually assaulted by confessed killer Austin Sigg. The prosecution on this case released this disturbing new information along with the other clarifications pertaining to the charges against the 17-year-old accused killer. This was probably something many people suspected, but the confirmation from authorities makes the reality of this case all the more tragic.

Austin Sigg was psychologically treated for an “addiction to pornography” when he was only 15-years-old. When you pair this with the fact that he confessed to kidnapping and killing Jessica, then it’s not surprising that the motive was so he could sexually assault the defenseless 10-year-old child. This makes Austin Sigg an alleged pedophile as well as a murderer.

Sigg if facing at least 17 counts including robbery, sexual assault and kidnapping. The robbery charge is for taking the book bag belonging to the slain child. Officials also indicate that there is a veritable tidal wave of evidence against Sigg. In fact, there is DNA evidence tying him directly to the sexual assault and murder of Jessica Ridgeway.

Will Jessica get justice? If convicted on all counts against him, Sigg can serve a potential of 40 or more years in prison. At his young age he could be free and walking on the same streets as your family before he is 60 years old. If you think 60 is too old for someone to be a danger to society, think again.

This source shares the importance of charging juveniles as adults in cases like these. While there are peole who oppose the concept of charging juveniles like adults, there really are no other choices when it comes to prosecuting gruesome murders and sex crimes. At the age of 17 years old, Austin Sigg is not yet a legal adult, but still near the general age of adulthood. The young man has already a history of sexual deviancy as a budding killer, which indicates that he would almost definitely reoffend given the chance. The sexual assault and murder of Ridgeway was a point in this young man’s life when he forefeited any chance of being considered ‘not a threat’ to society. So charging him and convicting him as an adult will protect future victims from his whims.

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