Jessica Sacco Murdered, Dismembered; Five People Arrested

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Jessica Sacco (also Jessica Rae Sacco) was discovered, dismembered, in her Ohio apartment on Friday. Since then five people have been arrested in connection to her murder and a slew of chilling details have surfaced. This horrific story is just insane. The level of depravity also seems quite strange for a group of people who were referred to as “loose friends” at best. It’s not often that people commit crimes of this nature together, and when they do, they’re usually more bonded than casual acquaintances. Could drugs had been involved, mass hysteria or something else to have led to the horrendous murder of the 21-year-old Ohio woman?

Among the five people arrested in the murder/dismemberment of Jessica Sacco, her boyfriend was allegedly the ringleader. It appears that two couples had watched the murder and helped dismember of dispose of her remains. All six of the people, including the victim, were newly acquainted. Twenty-five-year-old Matthew Puccio, Sacco’s boyfriend, stabbed her and then put a bag over her head and suffocated her while the other four people watched. It’s believed that 26-year-old Andrew Forney and his wife Kandis, 25, helped Puccio while the other couple took part in the acts as well. Some of the young woman’s remains were scattered near Convington, Kentucky — which is near Cincinnati, Ohio. The other couple in question, Christopher Wright and Sharon Cook, have also been arrested.

The geography of this case is really unsettling and it seems that a lot of similar crimes regarding missing and murdered young women seem to occur between Covington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. Katelyn Markham and Paige Johnson are among women missing from these areas, and are presumed dead. Misty Blu Gwinner was also found murdered near Covington and had ties to Cincinnati. Did any of these young women have any connections at all to the aforementioned five people or the victim?

In the latest updates to this case, it’s being reported that there is an internet connection between the five suspects in the brutal murder of Jessica Rae Sacco. Jessica had alleged met the Forneys online, but police will not disclose any further details regarding the internet connection they share. Could this online relationship, which evolved into the Forneys becoming her roommates, be directly connected to her brutal slaying? How did all five of these acquaintances come together and murder this young woman?

If there is a solid motive for the killing, detectives are not releasing it. Nonetheless, it truly seems suspicious that Covington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio are once again in the headlines regarding a suspicious and brutal slaying of a young woman. All of the perpetrators in this case are in their twenties and thirties, and barely knew one another. That is certainly strange.

Hopefully some keen eyes are taking a look at the geographic coincidence of this crime to see if there is something lying beneath the surface. Perhaps investigators are onto this as well?

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