Jessica Sanchez blaming judges for American Idol loss?

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Singer Jessica Sanchez lost American Idol 2012 to musician Phillip Phillips. Now, she’s blaming the celebrity judges who used their save to keep her on the show for her loss. Why?

“In an interview on Live! With Kelly on May 29, Jessica revealed why when the judges saving her in the final three actually harmed her…” says Hollywood Life.

“It was a good thing and a bad thing,” Jessica said. “It was a good thing because I really took in the moment and was like ‘I’m here,’ they think I deserve to be here, but then I thought about it way too much and I tried too hard.”

Jessica sanchezBut really, most people who watched the show blamed poor song choices and a wardrobe far too adult for a young teenage girl for the loss. Not whether or not she sang well.

Furthermore, winner Phillip Phillips clearly displayed that he is a unique and talented musician—not simply a one trick pony with no thoughts of his own.

Because American Idol is supposed to give a recording contract to new talent, Sanchez being able to sing Whitney Houston songs without understanding the meaning or being able to select a tune to sing that might be age appropriate is more likely to be the reason for her downfall.

Her loss was not the celebrity judges fault. Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler saving her [because of her true vocal talent] was a positive move on their part because the extra media attention is likely to get her signed to perform live in a Las Vegas show. She simply is not as marketable to anyone in the under 50 crowd as Phillips—but would wow live studio audiences singing in stage show performing all of Whitney Houston’s hits or Michael Jackson’s early career tunes.

That may be the reason why the Hollywood Life poll that asked readers if Jessica lost because she tried too hard came back with over 70% of readers saying, “No.”

Why do you think Phillip Phillips won American Idol 2012 instead of Jessica Sanchez? Let other readers know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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