Jessica Sanchez May Win ‘American Idol’ 2012 Thanks to Celebrity Fans

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Jessica Sanchez has so many fans she may win American Idol 2012 if each of these fans vote only once. And if each votes once and then tells someone else via social media about their pick, influencing their friends and followers to vote, then she could win by a landslide.

With that idea in mind, Jessica Sanchez has some pretty influential friends, including a host of celebrities.

Not only have Beyoncé, India.Arie, Collie Caillat, and Jennifer Hudson given their support to this American Idol top 3 candidate, but so have Adam Lambert, Billy Joel, and Jennifer Holliday.

So has Tommy Mottola, the music mogul who can turn talent into stardom. In fact, Mattola called JS, “the real thing.”

Now that’s a compliment.

So is what Adam Lambert said when he praised both Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh as “terrific singers” and then proceeded to tell Jessica, who hails from the same part of Southern California as he does, that she is able to “kick their butts.”

Well, that may not be true literally (after all, this teen is a tiny little thing), but this particular singer sure can wail practically anyone under the table. And if she wails the right way on American Idol this week, then she’ll find herself in the finals and the chance to grab that coveted title.

That said, do you think Jessica Sanchez will win AI for 2012? Do you want the 16-year-old to be the last one standing when this season comes to an end next week? Please weigh in.

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