Jessica Simpson 10 Pounds from Pre-Baby Weight? Pictures Say Otherwise

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Jessica Simpson is in a weight battle that millions of women can identify with. The actress is currently under a great deal of pressure to lose the weight she put on during her pregnancy. She says nobody is pressuring her, including the folks at Weight Watchers, but earning a $4 million paycheck for shedding the weight is pressure, period. She also knows the world is watching and waiting to see if she can do it.

The new mom is slated to unveil her post-baby body in a matter of days. Earlier this week, US Weekly magazine reported on Jessica’s weight loss. According to the actress, “I’m 10 pounds away from my pre-baby size.” Of course, there are no pictures, yet. Those will come out later to back up her statement and of course, prove how fabulous Weight Watchers is.

Jessica’s weight is certainly nobody’s business but her own, but she has made it a public issue despite declaring otherwise. She has repeatedly said she is comfortable with her curves. Great. Fine. Be happy with your curves and enjoy life. Screw what other people say, but why lie about it?

Photos of Jessica taken in the past few days tell a different story about her weight loss progress. Yes, she has lost some weight, but it does not look like she is 10 pounds away from her pre-baby weight. She claims to be an “everyday woman” going through the same weight loss struggles millions of other people face, but how many people have millions of dollars as an incentive to lose the weight?

Jessica Simpson will undoubtedly look fabulous when she does her big, new body unveiling, but how much of it will be Hollywood magic? Celebrity moms are setting a standard that is incredibly ridiculous for the average moms struggling to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. If Jessica chooses to lie and conceal her curves, she is essentially supporting the ridiculous idea that a woman must be a size 2 to be beautiful.

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