Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson to Tie the Knot?

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Jessica Simpson of fashion and reality TV fame is just weeks away from giving birth, and she still hasn’t married the father. She told Ellen DeGeneres, however, that she wants to tie the knot with her baby daddy, Eric Johnson: “I want him to be my husband so bad. I do want to wear a pretty gown and everything, but we have to wait until after the baby.” Will Johnson make an honest woman of Simpson after the little one is born?

According to People magazine, the couple have officially been engaged since November of last year, but there haven’t been wedding bells yet. What’s the holdup? The girl is ready to pop, and there’s still no wedding band on her finger. Maybe they’re dragging their feet since the Fashion Show star’s previous marriage to Nick Lachey fizzled just after three years.

If, however, Johnson concedes to Jessica Simpson’s wishes, there will be a spectacular wedding as soon as the baby weight is gone. Undoubtedly, that “pretty gown” she wants to wear will also be one of her own creations.

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