Jessica Simpson ‘Betrayed’ as Fiance Eric Johnson Refuses to Sign Prenup

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For the past several months, Jessica Simpson has seemingly been dragging her feet about marrying her fiancé, former NFL player and business school dropout Eric Johnson. Their reported wedding date was Nov. 11, but numerous reports have surfaced claiming the pair are actually miserable, and she’s delayed the wedding for a variety of reasons, including that she wants a breast reduction because she feels fat. And now OK! Magazine has come up with another reason the wedding is being delayed — Eric is trying to back out of their prenuptial agreement.

“Eric’s completely changed his mind,” an “insider” dishes to the mag. “He started dragging his feet, refusing to sign the prenup they’d drawn up; now he’s laying this whole guilt trip on her about how he believes in true love and she should, too. A lot of people feel she’s been totally betrayed.”

The source goes on to claim that Eric Johnson is kind of holding the wedding hostage to get more money out of Jessica Simpson, because he knows she doesn’t want to have a bastard child.

“Eric knows how important it was to her to be married before the baby was born,” the source tells OK! “She wanted to rush the wedding so that her child wouldn’t be born out of wedlock, and she wouldn’t walk down the aisle with this massive bump. And he’s basically used that as a bargaining chip.”

Reports that Jessica Simpson was going to have a prenup first surfaced about a year ago, right after she got engaged, and the agreement was reportedly drawn up in late spring or early summer of this year. So does this mean Eric Johnson has been refusing to sign it for six months? That seems unlikely, considering this is the first we’ve heard of it — and we’ve heard every excuse possible for this wedding not to happen. And if it were really that important for her to get married before the baby is born, she would just do it, instead of finding a million reasons not to. She even said herself in her recent “Access Hollywood” interview that she wants to get married after the baby arrives because she doesn’t want to be a “hormonal bridezilla.” What seems most likely is that Jessica just has cold feet and knows that marrying Eric is a bad idea. If there’s any truth in the OK! report at all, it might be that the prenup is getting reworked to include some kind of child support payment to Eric after they split. But otherwise, we’re calling BS on OK!‘s story.

What do you think? Should Eric Johnson sign the prenup? Should Jessica Simpson rethink getting married? And did you catch her “Access Hollywood” interview (clip below)? Sound off in the comments!

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