Jessica Simpson Considering Surgery to Get Rid of Baby Weight?

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Jessica Simpson’s weight loss troubles are public knowledge. She has made herself into the spokesman for normal women who are struggling to lose weight after having a baby. Granted, Jessica has a few more options to help her with the weight loss, but she is choosing to do it the hard way by dieting and exercising. Just like so many other new moms have discovered, the baby weight is not quite so easy to take off.

The singer recently revealed her new post-baby body, and to be honest, it is nothing earth-shattering. She is not a Gisele Bundchen or Alessandra Ambrosio, who have a baby and two weeks later they are wearing a bikini. Those women are few and far between, but it doesn’t stop women from trying to do the same.

According to one tabloid report, Jessica wanted to give up on Weight Watchers and go the route some other celeb mommies go, liposuction or a little nip and tuck. The National Enquirer reports, “If she doesn’t lose more weight by counting calories, she’ll have liposuction when her Weight Watchers contract is up.” Jessica wouldn’t be the first mom to undergo the knife to get rid of the extra pounds.

However, Gossip Cop refutes the claim and says it is a lie. Jessica Simpson is sticking to her diet and workout routine. The pounds are coming off, slowly but surely. It will not happen overnight.

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