Jessica Simpson Full Body Scan at Airport, Is she Pregnant?

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Could a TSA security agent at LAX actually know the truth whether Jessica Simpson is pregnant or not? The UK Daily Mail seems to think so, since Simpson went through a full-body scanner on Friday (October 7).

Jessica Simpson has said nothing to fuel or squash rumors that she is pregnant. Her baggy clothes have been called into question. Whether or not she is getting married is also been questioned. So, why should today be any different, right?

Simpson went through the full-body scan wearing comfortable and baggy clothing. This is a shocker, for someone who was reportedly headed overseas. So, is she, or isn’t she pregnant with fiancé Eric Johnson’s child. Should it even matter to fans?

Perhaps the biggest question was this: Could the TSA agent at the airport have actually been able to tell if Jessica Simpson was pregnant? Even if he could, she does have a right to a level of privacy, as all airline passengers do, while they go through security.

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