Jessica Simpson is About Six Months Pregnant According to Expert

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Jessica Simpson has still not admitted she is pregnant, but new pictures show that she has a baby bump. Fans are not sure why she will not admit her pregnancy when it is so obvious.

An expert is now weighing in with their thoughts about her pregnancy. According to new pictures of Jessica Simpson, the OBGYN expert estimates that she is about 6 months pregnant. There’s no way the bump is just belly fat because of the way that it is shaped on her body. Jessica is very short, at only 5’3, so she does look bigger.

At this time, Jessica Simpson has still not admitted she is pregnant. It sounds like she could be due as soon as early 2012. Will she wait until the baby is born to say anything to her fans? What is keeping her from talking to them? Most couples tell everyone once they are past the first 3 months of the pregnancy and it looks like she is past that already.

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