Jessica Simpson: Is Dad Joe Gay?!

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Is Jessica Simpson’s dad, Joe, gay? Rumors have been circulating about Jessica’s dad’s sexual preference (as if this were anyone’s business in the first place). The question is, did Joe Simpson “switch teams?”

Well, from the sound of things… not only is Joe Simpson still straight, he is frustrated that he is having to answer the questions about his own sexuality. He is soooo over having to explain to friends, family, and colleagues, that the tabloid rumors about being gay are completely made-up.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the tabloids from going after Jessica Simpson’s dad, claiming that his marriage fell apart because he “came out” to the family. There have been plenty of sources that have defended Joe Simpson’s story, while others remain skeptical. They are saying that perhaps he is gay, but he just does not want to make a big public spectacle of himself. What ever the case may be about Jessica’s father, frankly, there is no reason why people are even questioning this at all. Can’t Joe Simpson just live his life without all the silly questions?

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