Jessica Simpson: Is Fiance-Father Feud Causing Relationship Troubles?

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Jessica Simpson was subjected to tabloid speculation about the state of her relationship throughout her pregnancy, with numerous reports claiming that she and fiance Eric Johnson were having problems and might call off the wedding. And now that baby Maxwell is just two weeks old, the tabloids are back at it.

According to OK! (via Celeb Dirty Laundry), Jessica’s relationship is at risk because Eric, who wants her to take time off and focus on her family, and her father, Joe Simpson, who wants his cash cow to keep working, are feuding.

“[Eric] is on the wedding and baby kick,” an “insider” dishes to the mag. “He first met Jessica when she was in a more easy-breezy part of her life, where she wasn’t constantly having to worry about call times and scheduling conference calls to promote [Fashion Star]. … Eric [has] pretty much demanded that she give up the show. He just sees it as too much stress for her. He wants her to be happy.”

But Joe thinks Eric should “butt out,” because apparently Eric’s not allowed to have an opinion on what his fiancée and the mother of his child should do.

“Joe told Eric to mind his own business and to leave the business affairs to him and Jessica,” OK! quotes “another family insider” as saying. “He told him that they know what is best for Jessica.”

Of course Eric is upset about Joe’s treatment of him and “told Joe that he isn’t just a sperm donor. He cares just as much about Jessica as Joe does.” And now that the two are feuding, “Jessica worries that marrying Eric is a mistake.”

“She’s totally worn out and her hormones are trying to rebalance itself, so she’s all over the place,” “a confidant” tells OK! “She got so emotional she lashed out at Eric, telling [him] she doesn’t want to get married anymore.”

The tabloids have reported trouble for these two for a long time but they’re still together, so OK!‘s report should be taken with a grain of salt. Joe does have a history of meddling in Jessica’s relationships, though, so it’s not difficult to believe he and Eric would be at odds. But Jessica’s 31, so at some point she has to stop doing what her parents tell her and start making her own decisions.

What do you think? Should Jessica Simpson take time off to be with Eric Johnson and their baby? Should she get back to work? Sound off in the comments!

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