Jessica Simpson – Just Like Us

As a writer and blogger, I am compelled to keep up with certain events in Hollywood to complete my assignments.  Often I am bored to tears by celebrity exploits.  After all, how many times can you read about marriages splitting up or incidents of driving while intoxicated?  Amidst the din, I often find myself reading about Jessica Simpson.

Unlike many of the other plastic people, Jessica Simpson is real.  I remember when she was dating John Mayer, he couldn’t make it home for her birthday.  He sent a DVD of himself in concert so they could “be together”.  This type of pathetic gift is something my egotistical ex might have thought of.

Then poor Jessica got all that bad publicity about wearing “mom” jeans and looking fat.  How many of us have had a “fat” day?  It seems other celebrities hide until they look their best again.  I admired Jess for working it even when there was more to work.  After all, none of us get to hide the day after a binge with wine, chocolate and cheese and we just stride on out in our “fat” jeans.  Anyway, I like seeing a woman who clearly enjoys a real meal once in awhile.

The most recent news about Jessica is about Tony Romo (her boyfriend of two years) breaking up with her the day before her birthday.  That’s cold and reminds me of a time long ago when someone dumped me on New Year’s Eve.  I related to Jessica again.  Imagine how she felt on her birthday, celebrity or not?  According to PopEater, a friend reported, “She’s a little depressed.”  Ya think?!

With all the fake “news”, plastic surgery and phony relationships, it’s breath of fresh air to see a pretty young celebrity with a real life just like the rest of us.

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