Jessica Simpson Makes First Surprising Appearance in Weeks

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Jessica Simpson has been making headlines for weeks because she hasn’t given birth yet. She has been huge for months and her physical appearance has made it look like she has been on the verge of popping for at least 6 weeks. So when Jessica made her first public appearance this weekend, the public was shocked to learn that she was still pregnant! The woman has not given birth yet! Her pregnancy has been so controversial that people are questioning whether she is even pregnant!

Well, US Magazine is now reporting that Jessica stepped out over the weekend and she is still very much pregnant. She is still walking around, as she went for a drive with her fiancé Eric Johnson close to their home in Los Angeles. It is questionable where the couple went, but it didn’t look like they were going to the hospital. Fans of Jessica Simpson have been tweeting curiosity about when she is giving birth, but the picture over the weekend proves that Jessica is still pregnant and still walking around.

A month ago, both Jessica and her sister Ashlee spoke out, claiming her due date was still weeks away. It looks like she isn’t on the verge of giving birth since she is walking around and is happy. However, she may be giving birth in May. Otherwise, it is a crazy amount of weight she has gained during this pregnancy, which is fooling the public.

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