Jessica Simpson: No Makeup in Marie Clarie

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Jessica Simpson with no makeup? On a national magazine cover? With zero retouching? You better believe it!

Jessica Simpson appears with no makeup on the cover of the latest issue of Marie Clarie. Brave, eh?

It’s all part of Simpson’s campaign for real beauty, which is also part of parcel of the promoting of her new show The Price of Beauty on VH1. What did Jess have to say lately? “I don’t have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business.” Well said, Simpson. Now remember that when the press starts making fun of you again!


My only notation here is the fact that Jessica Simpson appears to have on makeup. She clearly has on blush and eyeliner in the cover shot. Do you agree?

I believe somehow it’s mistakenly been released to the press that Jessica appears makeup-free on the cover, when really the makeup-free shot is the one inside (see left). And yes, it does look like she’s fresh-faced there. And looking lovely, I might add.

What do you think?


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