Jessica Simpson on Oprah: “I don’t accept John’s apology” ~ Sneak peek (Video)!

Jessica Simpson will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show today.  During the show, she will be discussing her weight, her career and the controversial statements made about her by ex-boyfriend John Mayer.  John Mayer talked about his sex life with Jessica Simpson during an interview with Playboy Magazine.  The statements got John into a lot of hot water.  Jessica’s dad even reportedly called John on the phone and gave him a piece of his mind!

On the Oprah clip, Jessica says that she doesn’t accept John’s apology.  Watch her talk about it in the clip below.

I love Jessica Simpson!  I think she’s had a rough time since she split from ex-husband Nick Lachey.  She’s been ridiculed for just about everything from her singing, to her acting, to her jeans!  Who could forget the hailstorm for her “Mom jeans”?

Good for you Jessica for not accepting his apology!  Keep your chin up!


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