Jessica Simpson: Post-Baby Body Weight Loss Photo Shoot

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Jessica Simpson arrived at a photo shoot for Weight Watchers this morning still carrying a bit of her post-baby weight, but looking slimmer on the whole. Notice that Jessica was wearing black when she arrived. It’s slimming!

Clad in a black sweater and shorts ensemble, Simpson looked a bit thick in the thighs but hey, it’s normal considering she just delivered her child a few months ago. While much has been made of Jessica’s efforts to get lap band surgery after the delivery, she now seems to be dedicated to doing it the old-fashioned way. And heck, if it worked for Charles Barkley and Kirstie Alley, why not her?

Though she’s currently on board with Weight Watchers’ pound-shedding system, (“because it works!”), a source explained how she once sought more drastic measures: “After her daughter, Jessica felt there was no way she could lose the weight on her own as she has struggled so much in the past and her post partum weight seemed to be growing. So like a true Hollywood girl, she sought out a quick surgical fix – lap band surgery.”

Two different doctors allegedly rejected her plea for the surgery, which led her to try losing weight naturally, enlisting the help of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

Here’s to Jessica Simpson and the world realizing more of her inner beauty, and here’s also to people discovering that a healthy lifestyle, eating right and working out, will most always trump the benefits of whatever the quick fix gained from surgery or diet pills.

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