Jessica Simpson Pregnant News Shocked Fiancé Eric Johnson

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Jessica Simpson broke her news that she was pregnant to her fiancé in a special way. Before she took the test, the Dukes of Hazard star did not inform Eric Johnson of her suspicions.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant News Shocked Fiance Eric JohnsonThe NFL star had no idea that he was going to be a father. Jessica Simpson said, “I did the pregnancy test. I was feeling a little off,” she recalled. “[I first told] Eric, of course. He was in the house. He didn’t know that I was taking a pregnancy test, so I kind of shocked him. I came in shaking like, ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is happening!’ We both cried. We were in shock and kind of just sat there and stared at each other.”

What a shock that must have been for the couple who had been planning their wedding. Of course, many people cry at the news that they will soon be a parent. Are you surprised that Johnson was not more aware of what was going on with his fiancé? Have you ever been completely surprised by pregnancy news?

Hopefully Jessica Simpson and her child have a happy and healthy nine months. Baby Simpson Johnson will arrive in the spring. Who knows? Perhaps the couple will wait until the child is old enough to be the flower girl or ring bearer in the wedding. That would be adorable and memorable for the entire family.

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