Jessica Simpson Pregnant, No Baby Yet Concerns Chelsea Handler!

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Jessica Simpson still hasn’t had that baby! That’s right, as Jessica’s pregnancy seems to have dragged on forever and Simpson has continued to get bigger and bigger, people have become concerned about when that baby is coming. How much longer can it be?

Even Chelsea Handler is concerned about Jessica’s health at the baby. Chelsea took to Twitter to express her concern: “How has jessica simpson still not given birth to this baby? I’m getting frightened.” Wow, this might be the most serious tweet from the writer and late-night talk host.

The thing is, Chelsea Handler may actually echo what a lot of people are thinking right now about Jessica Simpson and her baby. After seeing the photos of how large Jessica has gotten during this pregnancy, there has to be at least a little curiosity about why she hasn’t had this baby yet. Certainly, Jessica is on a schedule with her doctor (she has apparently opted for a C-section and not a natural birth) so there shouldn’t be too much concern, should there? Perhaps all this is, is excitement and anticipation disguised as worry.

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