Jessica Simpson Pregnant with Girl? What Baby Names Does She Like?

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Everybody knows that Jessica Simpson is pregnant, and the word is that she is carrying a baby girl. You might be surprised to find out what names the engaged star is considering.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Girl? What Baby Names Does She Like?Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson recently postponed their wedding, but it looks like the reason may be the fact that she has a bun in the oven rather than relationship trouble like many people assumed. The Dukes of Hazard star said that having a daughter is “like winning the lottery twice.” Perhaps the couple will delay their wedding long enough to have the girl accompany them down the aisle as a flower girl. That would be pretty. Of course, they may elope to Hawaii as well before she’s born on November 11. Who knows?

The strangest thing about this pregnancy is the names that Simpson is considering. She wants to name her daughter Morgan or Karen. Wow! That seems really tame for a celebrity. Do you believe those are the names she is looking at?

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