Jessica Simpson Shuts Up Haters; Shows Off New Weight Watchers Figure

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Jessica Simpson finally shut up some of her haters. They’ve been constantly complaining she hasn’t taken off the baby weight quickly enough. Some have gotten down right vicious in their attacks, all because some stars have managed to take the weight off quicker. Others say, “big deal, let Jess do in her own time”. That’s exactly what she’s done and she’s finally looking slim and fit in her new Weight Watcher’s body.

Simpson stopped crowds at the launch of her newest clothing line for Dillard’s Department Store this past weekend. She looked fresh and fit in jeans, a colorful print top and a hot pink jacket. See the picture here.

Word is that Jessica has dropped a whopping 60 pounds and is quickly closing in on her weight goal. Since Jess gave birth to her daughter on May 1st, that means she’s been dropping approximately 10 pounds a month. That’s about right for anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way. Since health is what Weight Watchers is all about, they’re no doubt proud of their current spokesperson.

Jessica’s sister, Ashley, was also on hand to lend her sibling support as she unveiled the newest collection. No doubt the sisters have grown closer since learning of the split between their parents.

What do you think? Does Jessica Simpson look good or are you still not satisfied? Sound off below.

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