Jessica Simpson Splurges on Porsche, Maybach Cars for Mom and Dad

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Jessica Simpson has been doing some serious retail therapy on the heels of ex-boyfriend Tony Romo’s wedding to Candice Crawford. The singer and designer recently splurged on two major purchases: a Porsche 911 for mom Tina, and a Maybach for her dad (and former manager) Joe Simpson. Total cost? An estimated $600,000!

Jessica SimpsonHoly cow! Apparently, you only need to have a handful of hit singles to be set for life. Unless, of course, her clothing and shoe line is faring better than anyone would have expected?

While the motivation for Jessica Simpson’s purchases could be as innocent as her undying love for her parents, whom she’s always been portrayed in the media as being close to, could it potentially be a move motivated by the need for decent press during a time laced with not only Tony Romo’s, but also ex-husband Nick Lachey’s, nuptials? What do you think?

Whatever the motivation, however, there’s no denying that the gifts Jessica Simpson gave her parents were exceptionally generous!

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