Jessica Simpson To Cash In on Post-Baby Diet?

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Jessica Simpson is rumored to have inked a $3 million deal with Weight Watchers to lose weight after having her baby! Shouldn’t this be a deal that she makes after having the baby?

According to various reports Jessica Simpson, who has been picked on for her fluctuating weight in the past, is now going to become the face of Weight Watchers, at least at some point after having her new baby.

This may explain why she is quick to go on Rachel Ray’s show with sister Ashlee and eat tater tots and hamburgers (read about that here). Still, isn’t $3 million a bit excessive for someone who will be taking off the baby weight? Obviously there is added motivation as far as trying to get ready for a wedding. One unnamed source close to Simpson (or as some may call it a tabloid source) though confirms that this is her plan.

The deal is in place, and after having her baby, she’ll start with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight.

One thing that Jessica Simpson might try to figure out while on Weight Watchers, that goes beyond whether Chicken of the Sea is fish or chicken, is how many points a can is worth on the new diet!

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