Jessica Simpson to Get Rachael Ray’s Tater Tot Recipe!

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Does Jessica Simpson have a tater tot craving? If a pregnant Simpson does, she most certainly will have it satisfied as she, her sister, and the baby on the way visit Rachael Ray today!

In all fairness, Jessica’s visit with Rachael Ray was actually filmed last week. One thing is for sure, however, Rachael wasn’t just sitting down for a chit-chat with Jessica and Ashlee Simpson about babies. Rachael had put together quite the menu to feed her 2 1/2 guests… tater tots and beef tenderloin burgers:

Talk about Rachael Ray showing the love to the Jessica and Ashlee Simpson (and the baby on the way). Of course, Jessica was just as excited about seeing Rachael.

One thing that should strike people as a bit odd is that they actually waited until the air date of the show to mention that they had the interview. What gives? Actually it makes sense, putting the interview on the forefront of people’s minds. No words on whether Jessica Simpson’s yet-to-be-born baby liked the tater tots and burgers yet!

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