Jessica Simpson: ‘Yes, I Am Working Out’

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Jessica Simpson’s wedding is approaching, maybe, and she is working out. Ok, she is working out a lot. Jess has hired Tracy Anderson, the same trainer who got Gwyneth Paltrow back in shape after her boozy movie experience, and she—Jess—does 75 minutes of hard labor, four times a week, reports Huffington Post. Nothing out of the ordinary for a celeb, after all.

But this particular celeb’s weight is something of a roller coaster. Just when she gets comfortable with her soft, feminine curves, the press, or fiancé Eric, or someone jumps on her for being fat, and she hits the gym, big time, again. Tracy now reports tFile:Jessica Simpson crop.jpghis is a “lifestyle change” For Jessica Simpson. Ha! That’s what they all say.

Meanwhile, Jessica is showing her testy side to interviewers. “Yes, I’m working out, but why is that worth any press?  I always take care of myself.” Calm yourself, Jess. Crash dieting will do that to you.  In the past, when she was Daisy Dukes, Jess has gone so far as to have a jailor—oops, trainer—sit beside her in restaurants and monitor what she orders. Any freebie desserts sent over by the management were strictly sent back. Not a fun way for a billion-dollar businesswoman to live.  Jessica Simpson, be your own woman!

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