Jessica Simpson’s 20-Pound Weight Loss: How Did She Do It?

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Bride-to-be Jessica Simpson has recently lost 20 pounds, and people are dying to know how she did it. Her secret was good old-fashioned exercise and lots of it.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Simpson lost 20 pounds in just under two months, by working out six days a week for 75 minutes each day.

Jessica Simpson has sported a fuller figure for a while, and even with the 20-pound weight loss she’s not rail thin. She does look trimmer and very fit, which is exactly what she was aiming for. With a plan to get married to fiance Eric Johnson before the end of 2011, she will likely be even thinner when she says “I do.”

There is one major weakness that Jessica Simpson succumbs to on numerous occasions, and this has thrown a wrench in her weight-loss plans over the years. She absolutely loves fried foods, and often gives in to indulgences.

“IÂ’m from Texas, I like everything fried, which is the really unfortunate thing,” she says.

Another hurdle Simpson faces is that she’s an emotional eater. She tends to eat more when she’s feeling bad.

“I want [food] when IÂ’m sad,” she said. “When IÂ’m happy, I donÂ’t think much about it,” she explains.

Emotional eating is something lots of people experience, and it is one of the hardest diet hurdles to jump over. Hopefully, Jessica Simpson isn’t beating herself up over it because that could cause her to backslide and regain the weight she has lost. With every workout she is ultimately contributing to a healthier body and mind, whether she loses weight in the process or not.

Jessica Simpson will be an absolutely beautiful bride no matter how much weight she does or doesn’t lose. Hopefully, while dieting and exercising she doJessica Simpsonesn’t lose sight of good health and inner beauty, but continues her program in a very reasonable manner. The way she’s succeeded in losing those 20 pounds is really the best there is. No diet pills, protein shakes, or special diets are required. She’s stuck to the old-fashioned regimen of cutting back on calories and increasing exercise. It’s always been a winning plan, and is serving Jessica well.

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