Jessica Simpson’s Baby Delivery Bill Tops Beyonce’s Private Birth

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It is no secret that celebrities like to go over the top, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jessica Simpson is getting ready for a lavish hospital stay when she will give birth soon to her first child. And after doing some research, it appears that Simpson’s birth will top Beyonce’s bill. Beyonce gave birth earlier this year to Blue Ivy Carter and people thought it was over the top with security, secrecy and renting out an entire floor at a hospital in New York. Well, it seems that Jessica will be joining the list of over-the-top celebrities.

According to Hollywood Life, it appears that Jessica Simpson is spending lots of money on security. She has reportedly hired upwards of 30 armed guards who will protect her while giving birth. She is terribly afraid of being kidnapped or having her child kidnapped after giving birth. This child is already sheltered, so one has to wonder how damaged the child will be as a teenager given the overprotective behavior of Simpson.

But the armed guards are not the only precaution the couple is taking. Of course, it is nowhere near enough if they are topping Beyonce’s bill. The child’s crib is estimated at $14,500 and the baby will only fly private when traveling. This poor little girl will be sheltered from society and the world. And if she will only be hanging around her mother, it is questionable just how intelligent she will be considering Jessica doesn’t know the difference between chicken and tuna. Oh, and just in case someone decided to try and find Jessica on the big day, they may be in for a challenge. She has hired look-a-likes to confuse the paparazzi, creating a total bill for about $2 million.

Is she really that desirable or is she overreacting?

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