Jessica Simpson’s Baby Maxwell Johnson Pictures Sold for $800,000!

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Jessica Simpson’s reportedly sold her baby Maxwell Johnson’s pictures for $800,000! Celebrities photos rake in big money with magazines and it’s no different with their little babies, especially with newborns. While Jessica was pregnant, everyone was on belly watch. Now that she’s given birth, everyone is on baby watch.

Jessica Simpson Poster #01 11x17 Master PrintPeople magazine reportedly shelled out the extortionate to be the first to showcase Simpson and Maxwell. Of course, for that amount of dough, Simpson will be the magazine’s cover story and have several pages dedicated to her. As much as 800K sounds, it’s chump change when compared to how much other celebrities sold their baby’s photos for.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt topped numbers by reportedly selling their twins photos for $11 million! Another celebrity who has yet to sell her baby’s photos is Beyonce. However, you can be sure that when Bey does decide to sell, Blue Ivy Carter will fetch more than Maxwell’s $800K!

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