Jessica Simpson’s Pregnancy Eating Habits Unhealthy?

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Jessica Simpson, pregnant for what seems like forever, has been very quiet about her actual due date. Surely it will be this month. Already commentators are commenting on the comments. But is the horror at Jess’s size really worry for her and the baby—or is it just horror at any celebrity who dares to let her weight get out of control? Maybe it’s a bit of both. One source wrote, and Slate repFile:Jessica Simpson head 2.jpgorts, “I mean, someone needs to step in and control these cravings before she and her unborn child end up dying, or worse yet, influencing other women into thinking they’re allowed to be overweight while pregnant. It might as well be the tabloid media. So, let the hunger shames begin!” That’s telling it straight, if not over the top. Influencing other women is worse than dying?

Gossip is swirling, but the facts are few. All most people have to go on is pictures, which indicate Jessica Simpson has gained a lot of weight. Thirty pounds? That’s within normal 25-35 lb guidelines. Forty pounds? That might be pushing it. And her doctor might be telling her the reported menu from the shower—with corn dogs and all the trimmings—might not have been the best choice. Buttered Pop Tarts seem to be a favorite, too. Buttered?

Meanwhile, an ob/gyn doctor got into the act, quoted by another tab, suggesting that 1200 calories was a normal food intake for a pregnant woman. When horrified fact checkers contacted her, she retracted the statement. She had meant, she said, 1200 calories extra per day—for a total around 3000. Jessica Simpson, the doctor predicted, looks well past that.

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can cause serious problems, but there is nothing fans can do but wish Jessica Simpson and her baby girl the best of luck.

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