Jessie James Nazi Photo and His Connection to the Arian Cause (photos)

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Jessie James, the estranged husband of Sandra Bullock is getting more light shed on him since his mistress, the overly tattooed Michele Bombshell McGee, was exposed as a Nazi racist. Now a picture of Jesse posing in a Nazi salute is about to be released as soon as some news service rakes up the cash to buy it.

 Jess James Mistress Nazi Photos and Attitude – Michelle Bombshell McGee (photos)

But an article posted at points out that Jessie James himself is no stranger to the Arian cause. His company West Coast Choppers, even uses Nazi symbolism. Some say his only connection to the Nazi culture is his connection to motorcycles… but appears to be far deeper.


This may go a long ways to explain why Jessie was stupid enough to give up a beautiful and talented woman like Sandra Bullock for a scuz bag mental case like Michele Bombshell McGee.

 michelle mcgee homepage

michelle mcgee stripping video



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Jesse James is a NAZI??







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