Jesus’ Burial “Shroud of Turin” on Display (Video)

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The Shroud of Turin is on display once again in Turin, Italy.  The Shroud is supposed to be the Shroud that rapped the body of Jesus Christ. The Shroud of Turin was almost lost in a fire in the Church of Turin in 1997, but the shroud was saved.

Many believe the shroud was Christ’s burial cloth and contains the image of a man who was crucified.  Whether you believe it is the burial cloth of Jesus or not it is an important piece of history, and ever the possibility of it being Christ’s shroud leaves one with a feeling of awe.

Nuns restored the shroud after the fire in 1997, and the owner of the shroud says it dates back to the church of Turin from 1335.  The age alone of the cloth is awesome, but if it truly be the burial cloth of Jesus how awe inspiring is that?  Here is a video of the Shroud of Turin.

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