JetBlue Pilot Clayton Osbon Charged in Las Vegas Flight Diversion

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A JetBlue pilot named Clayton Osbon has been charged after his mid-air erratic behavior caused a Las Vegas flight to be diverted to Texas. The pilot’s condition may have been a “medical emergency” or a panic attack. Right now it is unclear why Osbon freaked out, and began shouting about the plane crashing.

JetBlue Pilot Clayton Osbon Charged in Las Vegas Flight DiversionClayton Osbon has been a JetBlue pilot for 12 years, and he was charged with “interfering with crew-member instructions.” The thing that makes this even more bizarre is that the pilot has never had any type of history of these types of problems, so it’s strange to say the least that yesterday he flipped out to the point that it caused the flight to be diverted to Amarillo.

Because he mentioned such unusual and scary things, Osbon is now under investigation by the FBI. It seems his rant included al Qaeda references and Iran references, which had to be upsetting for passengers. Since 9/11 it has been difficult to fly in the U.S., and having this type of bizarre outburst must have been stressful for everybody.

It seems that this JetBlue pilot will likely have to wait a while before he is cleared for takeoff again. Hopefully this did not ruin his entire career, but he may be in for some bumps in the near future. Hopefully he is getting the medical treatment he needs in Amarillo, and he will fully recover from whatever type of break he experienced yesterday.

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