Jhessye Shockley Update — Mother Refuses Polygraph

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Jhessye Shockley remains missing, even after searches of Arizona landfills wrapped up today. The most interesting point in the search for the missing Glendale girl, however, is the fact that her mother is refusing to take a polygraph test. Could this be indicative of any truth to the stories told by the missing child’s older sister?

Jerice Hunter is the mother of missing child Jhessye Shockley. Via her attorney, the mother has declined to take a polygraph test regarding her child’s disappearance. She won’t take one until investigators give her more information about why they are suspecting her. It’s a pretty typical move, and not a very smart one since she’s being represented by a lawyer.

It’s pretty clear to see why police want to administer a polygraph test to Jerice Hunter, since mounting suspicion surrounding her has been public for over two months now. Her own 13-year old daughter even told detectives that her mother was abusing little Jhessye. She alleged that Hunter had been keeping the five-year old girl in a closet that “smelled like a grave.” She claims Jerice beat the girl and called her a “ho.” When she last saw her little sister, she was covered in bruises and scrapes, had a black eye and was missing patches of hair. Honestly, that pretty much sums up a reason why a polygraph test is necessary at this point.

Jerice Hunter was previously convicted of felony child abuse in California, serving eight years in prison evidently. She was not allowed to have contact with her children, but her mother illegally gave the kids back to her when she returned to Arizona. It’s reported that Hunter had tortured one of her other daughters, leading to the California conviction.

Searching for Jhessye Shockley

Investigators finally ended their massive search of some landfills in surrounding Glendale, Arizona this week. It appears tha they’ve found nothing. However, police say that they are still investigating this, and finding Jhessye is of the utmost importance. It absolutely is. They believe they won’t find her alive, so hopefully they are led to her remains eventually so this investigation can lead where it needs to go.

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