JibJab Lets Fans Join Justin Bieber in ‘One Time’ Video

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Popular humor website, JibJab, is celebrating Justin Bieber’s new movie, “Never Say Never,” with a new shareable video. Fans of the teen pop icon can insert their own face in place of the girl Justin sings about in his “One Time” video.



The video is free and can be shared with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (for the three people who still use that site), and many more. The video can also be embedded on a web page or blog.

For those who want to take a more humorous approach to the Justin Bieber video, JibJab also offers pre-cropped celebrity heads that can be placed on the girl’s body. Users can enjoy watching celebs like Kanye West or Will Smith dance and snuggle with Biebs.

The author of this post has created a Justin Bieber “One Time” video as an example. As she is old enough to be Bieber’s mama, she used her Twitter icon image instead of her face to reduce the creepiness factor. As you can see, even cartoon faces can make for an amusing video image.

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To create your own JibJab Justin Bieber video, log on to their website, and click on the “Justin Bieber Starring You!” icon in the top right corner. You can’t miss it.

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