Jill Clayburgh Dies – Daughter, Lily Rabe Cancels Broadway Shows

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Jilly Clayburgh has died, according to Hollywood sources and the star’s family.  Her daughter Lily Rabe, who stars in the Broadway show, “Merchant of Venice”, was forced to cancel her upcoming performances to deal with the death of her mother.  Jill Clayburgh died Friday after battling leukemia for years.

The beloved Oscar-winning actress, Jill Clayburgh, 66, has a long history of roles both on the large and big screens.  She is best known for her role in 1978 as Erica in “An Unmarried Woman”.  She brought not only power to her portrayal, but an overwhelming sense of substance and hope for all women.

Mar. 04, 2010 - New York, New York, United States - JILL CLAYBURGH and LILY RABE arriving at the opening night performance of Martin McDonagh's ''A Behanding in Spokane'' at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City on 03-04-2010. 2010..K64417HMc. © Red Carpet Pictures

The Academy agreed and awarded her an Oscar for the role.  It is always hard to deal with the loss of an icon like Jilly Clayburgh, as she tended to practice what she preached even in real life.

Jill Clayburgh, before she died after a 22-year-battle with cancer, also had roles on the small screen.  She appeared as Letitia Darling on “Dirty Sexy Money”, and ABC creation, “Law and Order”, “Nip/Tuck”, and “The Practice”.  She performed her roles with grace, dignity and charm.

When Jilly Clayburg died on Friday, she was surrounded by family members.  Her daughter, Lily Rabe, who will no doubt walk in her mother’s shoes, canceled an upcoming Broadway show.

Lily Rabe who plays the role of Portia in what is arguably one of Shakespeare’s most memorable plays, “Merchant of Venice”, has canceled her appearances.  In an effort to assist her with the death of her mother, Jilly Clayburgh, the show’s executives have agreed to move the opening date of the show from November 7th to November 15.

Al Pacino, who plays the role of Shylock in this epic production, was involved romantically with Jilly Clayburgh years before she died.  Although they were no longer involved, romantically, they enjoyed a great friendship.  Lily Rabe, will no doubt have a great cast member and friend to help comfort her from the death of her mother, Jill Clayburgh.  After a great loss like this, it is better than any medicine.

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