Jill Kelley Battling to Keep Tampa Mansion

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Jill Kelley, one of the women at the center of the David Petraeus scandal, is fighting to keep her home from foreclosure, despite still owing $1.7 million.

She and her husband Scott, a prominent Tampa surgeon, often used the home to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with military bigwigs from nearby MacDill Base.

They filed papers to prevent the bank from seizing the now-famous mansion, and it sounds like they won’t go quietly. They are countersuing the bank, claiming they stopped making mortgage payments on advice from the lending agency.

It sounds like they may have a legitimate complaint, but regardless of what happens to the home, it seems the days of partying with generals are well past. After all of this hoopla, why would any high level officials go anywhere near Jill Kelley or her husband? Her petty little feud with Petraeus’ girlfriend, Paula Broadwell, is what eventually led to the CIA Director’s downfall.

If the bank did seize the 4,800-square-foot home, it would probably be pretty easy to sell, considering it’s new iconic status. And judging by the pictures online, it’s in a very nice neighborhood. Regions Bank claims the Kelleys owe $1.7 million, and haven’t paid anything for more than three years. The couple, meanwhile, are claiming they were victims of deceptive lending practices.

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