Jill Kelley’s Brother Joins Paula Broadwell’s Father Over Petraeus Sex Scandal Concern

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Jill Kelley’s brother David Khawam says there are two reasons why it’s completely ludicrous to think she had an affair with retired Gen. David Petraeus.

First, she has three kids, he says, so her dedication to them would proclude such an act on her part. Second, she’s a dedicated wife to her husband, which just wouldn’t allow her to cheat on him.

Somebody tells that to Paula Broadwell’s husband and two kids.

Broadwell, the woman accused of sending harassing emails to the general’s former Tampa neighbor, is maintaining the same air of silence as David Khawam’s sister Jill Kelley now. Both women seemed to have received the same advice about staying silent after Broadwell told all to the FBI–and after Kelley brought the FBI into the ugly situation.

Their loved ones, however, aren’t keeping quiet, with Kelley’s brother Khawam a perfect example.

US News“The conversations I’ve had with her were basically, ‘I love you and we’re here for you,'” the concerned brother said.

And Paula Broadwell’s father is telling anyone who will listen that the Petraeus scandal is bigger than people think. But how much bigger? As of early Tuesday morning it had grown to include Gen. John Allen, who now faces a delay in his confirmation hearing this week–and maybe indefinitely due to 20,000-30,000 documents found to have been sent by him to Jill Kelley.

Jill Kelly’s sister has also been added to the mix, and if anyone thought it was highly juvenile for Paula Broadwell to send catty jealous-type emails to Kelly then they’ve yet to learn about the ones Kelly’s sister Natalie Khawam has sent in her past. In fact, a judge has labeled her “psychologically unstable.” And Jill Kelley’s brother hasn’t even begun to comment on that.

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