Jill Zarin Comments on Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce

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Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel haven’t been friends for a while. In fact, they seem to openly dislike each other. So it’s a bit odd to see that Jill was recently featured discussing Bethenny’s marriage with a national weekly magazine. Should she really be giving her two cents about something she knows nothing about?

“I just want her to be happy and her daughter to be happy,” Jill claims to In Touch Weekly of her former friend. “But you know, life is not always what you plan it. I was divorced once. I don’t wish that anybody.” Jill goes on to reveal that she saw the split coming on Bethenny’s reality show. “I think everyone sort of watched it together— the marriage unravel. It was kind of sad to watch it unravel.” And it’s kind of weird that Jill was watching and critiquing her former friend, but reality television does do strange things to people.

Despite her divorce being a long time coming, at least in the eyes of Jill, she insists that she wishes the best for Bethenny and knows she’ll pull through. “Bethenny’s very strong and very focused and very committed to making her daughter happy and doing whatever that takes,” Jill says. “If she’s gonna get divorced, let it be when her child’s really young and doesn’t really remember. I know that she’ll do what’s in the best interest of her daughter. A happy mother is a happy life.” Jill seems to have good intentions with her words, but with all these two have been through, it just seems off base and out of line that she would do an interview about something so private.

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