Jim Bunning Blocks Unemployment Again!

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Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning effectively blocked the 30 day extension of unemployment and heath care benefits for millions of Americans again today. The measure would also extend highway programs and prevent a big cut in Medicare payments to doctors.

I guess the Kentucky unemployed do not matter to him, after all, he HAS a job.

This is the same Jim Bunning which has voted No on every unemployment issue since he took office in 1998. He also voted No to increase funding for our troops, No on the Equal Pay amendment, and Yes to removing the “Buy American” clause from HR 1, which has to do with job creation.

Last week, and again this morning, Bunning “objected” to all senators, including those of his own party who pleaded with him to go along with the otherwise unanimous vote. Even fellow senator and Republican Mitch McConnell pleaded with him to shut up. What is it going to take to get this blustering moron to relent?

I have a few ideas:

Lock him in the bathroom, and vote quickly.

Give him some ex-lax chip cookies, and vote while he’s indisposed.

Send him to a ball game, ANY ball game

Tell him he has an important phone call

Tell him Kentucky is on fire

Threaten a tobacco tax on Kentucky

Get Pam Anderson give him a lap dance on the floor of the senate.

Let McConnell gag him

Teach what  TiVo is for

Anyone have a better idea? Send them to your congressman immediately!

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