Jim Carrey Death Hoax Spread by Twitter?

Is Jim Carrey dead or alive? A rumor has started a spread like wildfire among the Twitter community that the famous comedian died in a skiing accident.

There have been no reports by a legitimate news source stating that he did, in fact, die.

Among todayÂ’s hustle and bustle of Twitter, apparently someone thought it was funny to create this rumor. Trying to overshadow the efforts of Charlie Sheen on Twitter, perhaps?

Last year Morgan Freeman was reported dead by the online community and was thought true by many of FreemanÂ’s fans. CNN issued a report to put the rumor to bed.

Current posts look as if they are spam and created by a false source. Claiming the actor died in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland today, the reports have continued to spread.

Do not believe everything read on the internet. The author behind the stories may have ulterior motives. Jim Carrey seems like he is only a victim of an internet hoax and a false report. Thank goodness, for he and his antics would be missed!

Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Photo Credit: Fr. Douglas McGuire via Flickr

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