Jimmer Fredette to Work Out with New York Knicks

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Jimmer Fredette will have an interesting workout with the New York Knicks Thursday. Fredette will work out with Klay Thompson and Marshon Brooks at the same time for the Knicks. The expectation is that the three players will face off against one another to try and showcase which would be the best player to draft.

Fredette is making the rounds with NBA teams, trying to bump up his stock for the 2011 NBA Draft. During the college basketball season he had been one of the hottest names out there, but since his year at BYU ended, his stock has taken a bit of a hit. Now teams are wondering what to do with him, and whether he will be a point guard or a shooting guard in the NBA. On Tuesday he met with the Pacers, and has meetings with the Knicks, Sacramento Kings, Utah Jazz, and Phoenix Suns planned.

The threesome of Thompson, Brooks, and Fredette constitutes the best scorers from college basketball last season, and potentially the three best shooters coming into the draft. Now they will have to go head-to-head to prove which one of them actually has the most skills to offer an NBA franchise. It’s an interesting strategy, and it makes this Knicks tryout even more important for everyone involved.

It will be very interesting to see which of the three prospects emerges from the Thursday workout with the biggest amount of buzz. The risk is also large that one of these three players could take a hit if they don’t perform well for the Knicks.

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