Jimmy Clausen Punched In Face When Fan Picks A Fight

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An apparently sociopathic fan added injury to insult early Sunday when he punched Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen in the face just hours after the Irish’s loss to UConn.  Clausen was out eating dinner with his parents, and possibly a female companion, at a South Bend bar named C.J.’s.  The attack happened when the party was leaving the restaurant.  It was then that Jimmy Clausen was sucker punched by a man upset over the result of the game.

It’s not clear whether Clausen got any shots in, but he wound up with at least one black eye.  Word is that the injury should not prevent him from playing this weekend.  The incident apparently was not reported to the South Bend Police, who have no record of the incident.

You think the attack lost a lot of money on the game?  Seriously, who DOES that?

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