Jimmy Fallon Sings Pants On the Ground Remix; Is iTunes Next? (video)

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Honestly, it’s time for Fox to get with it. They always have a great page of American Idol MP3s and videos up on iTunes. Within a day or so, they’re always ready for download. The problem is they don’t start it up until shortly before the performances start. I think they’re losing money on this one, though. Pants On the Ground is undeniably the first hit of the season, and every day that passes without it being on iTunes is costing them millions. Will we care as much about downloading it in a month or so?

This song has become so popular, it’s even being lampooned, as Jimmy Fallon sang a Pants On the Ground Remix, as Neil Young. I don’t know if it can get hotter than that. Fallon was lampooning Jay Leno earlier this week, and now he’s doing General Larry Platt. And I have to say, it was catchy enough as Platt sang it, but it sounds really good by Fallon doing Young.

They need to get the video of Platt doing it up on iTunes. It’s not so out of character. Two years ago they they put Renaldo Lapuz’ We’re Brothers Forever up … for free yet. I know, because I downloaded it. That was the last American Idol rejected song to get stuck in my head. I had to have it and was overjoyed to find it on iTunes. I think they could sell this one for $.99! There are enough people out there that have it stuck in their heads. Because Platt isn’t under contract, it might not be possible to sell it, but they could always give him the William Hung treatment and get him a contract just so they can get the rights and the money out of the song.

Yet every day that goees by without it being downloadable on iTunes, we’re going to slowly lose interest. I don’t think anything will top Pants On the Ground, but by next week’s auditions, we’ll be talking about something else. We won’t like anything more, but we’ll still be talking about the next set of auditioners. So, come on, Fox! Let’s get this uploaded to iTunes!

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