Jimmy Hoffa body find update: A psychic, retired Detroit FBI chief opine

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Ask Roseville Police Chief James Berlin about the Jimmy Hoffa body dig on Friday and you’ll hear that there were “no immediate signs of remains” of the missing union leader. Ask a psychic and a retired FBI chief and you’ll get different answers.

The psychic, a sister to Mike Smith, a resident in the community being bombarded by police and the curious, says it’s Hoffa’s resting place alright according to My Fox Detroit.

Her brother says he believes her.

He obviously didn’t hear about the psychic that told a missing Northwestern student’s family that their missing loved one was still alive. He isn’t. His body was removed from a body of water Thursday night. And the false “reading” is devastating the family.

Retired Detroit FBI chief Andrew Arena says “this doesn’t sound right to me”. He’s basing his opinion on the working theories of the past, as well as his familiarity with crime and such, of course.

Whether the missing man with a criminal past is buried where law enforcement found signs of soil disturbance will remain a mystery until Monday according to Berlin. That’s because the soil sample testing will take until then to complete.

Bernard Spindel & Jimmy Hoffa 1957Jimmy Hoffa could be buried in the backyard of a Detroit home, 30 miles from where he was last seen. Or it could be another person altogether that the tipster saw being put into that ground around the same time.

One thing’s for sure: It will be an undramatic end to one of the most puzzling mysteries of all time if it is the union man’s remains found there. And Heather Strohscherin said “It is a good spot,” according to Fox News.

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