Jimmy Hoffa’s Body Might Really Be Found Now

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Former U.S. Attorney Keith Corbett thinks Jimmy Hoffa’s body might be found now that a former Detroit mobster named Antony Zerilli is talking. And the I-Team at NBC New York is revealing all the details on Monday.

Jimmy Hoffa Found? Alleged Detroit Mobster Tony Zerilli Says He Knows Where Hoffa Body Is Buried [PHOTO]

It turns out that Corbett is very familiar with the name Tony Zerilli, since Corbett had prosecuted mob crime in Detroit for 20 years and Zerilli was a reputed mobster there. Now the former U.S. Attorney has been told that Zerilli is claiming to know where Hoffa’s body is buried and he’s all ears, saying that if anyone should know it is Zerilli, since he would have had the ability to learn who killed the teamster leader, and where they buried him.

Tony Zerilli, 85, may be finally opening up about the best kept secret in crime due to his ailing health and his depleted financial resources, telling the news outlet that “I’m dead broke. I got no money.” To try and solve his financial problems the legal way the former reputed mob man is writing a book, but he makes it clear that he’s “not a stool pigeon.”

Despite not wanting to speak up before now about what he knows for a number of reasons, Zerilli said it did always frustrate him that so many people claimed to know where Hoffa’s body was when he knew that they didn’t.

So where’s the missing dead man buried? A mere 20 miles north of where he was last seen, in a field in northern Oakland County, Mich., according to Zerilli, who says the plan was for Hoffa’s body to be moved after he was initially put in a shallow grave, but the people who buried him never got around to it.

Corbett thinks that Zerilli’s claims about where Hoffa’s body is buried are the ones most likely to pan out in the search for the dead teamster leader, saying “The bureau had a short list of people they wanted to talk to about…[Hoffa’s disappearance],” back then, “And I can’t think of anybody on that list who was more highly placed than Anthony Zerilli.”

According to the former mobster he’s not just talking about where Jimmy Hoffa’s body is located because he’s broke; he wants closure for his family and the family of Jimmy Hoffa, who he says “didn’t deserve what happened to him.” And he insists that he was in jail when Hoffa went missing, and was in no way part of his disappearance or murder, despite knowing where his body is buried.

(Tony Zerilli photo credit: IBTimes.com)

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